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Great progress on The Mirror’s Revenge

We’ve been making steady progress on multiple fronts. The tee shirts were printed today. I will be mailing them out as soon as I get down to the printers and pick them up.

Kristoph composed a marvelous tune for a folksong that appears a couple of times in the middle of the play. This one had me in knots for a while, and I am very happy with the final result.

We tweaked the opening and closing duets to include the chorus perspectives of the dwarves and King Karl’s men-at-arms. We having fun with SATB separations and other fine tuning conventions that make a bunch of words and melodies into a musical play.

We’ve hired our singers and they are rehearsing in earnest. Margaret is having fun owning the Snow White role for the album.

We’re also seeing some movement on getting a stage and crew together to workshop the play this summer. They say if you want something done, then give it to a busy person. The theater folk I have been talking to are very busy, with one show going right into the next. Some rights did not come through on a play, and now we have time opening up.

All in all, we are nearly where we wanted to be at this point in time. There were a few more moving pieces to put in place getting started, but everything is now up and running. You should see your shirts arriving soon, and for our Early Birds, the poster as well. We will be shooting the team picture as soon as we can because we owe a lot of you the autographed photo.

Thank you for all your support!

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