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Five Days to Go!

The Kickstarter campaign for The Mirror’s Revenge ends on February 2nd – that’s just five days to go! We have over $3,500 in pledges, easily enough to cover all the production costs of the album and the reward gifts, including the world class, rock concert quality tee shirts which are poised for production. We are now collecting for the costs of hiring actors and a theater to workshop the play this summer with the goal of premiering it by the end of 2015. Very exciting stuff!

At this milestone, I would like to personally thank our most recent donors. The list of generous, wonderful people who have contributed is now 69 strong. In the last few days we have added:
David Raycroft
JC Arkham
Trish Brown
Morva Bowman
Sue Bailey
Thomas Dowrie
MaryAnne Glazer

I would also like to give special thanks to our most recent Premier Donors. These folks have lifted this project to new heights. We are tall for we stand on the shoulders of giants.
Craige Howlett
Marcia G
Ian Ward

Please continue to tell your friends. This is truly a dream come true for us, and it will be a truly great entertainment for all of you – and your chance to add to the Snow White canon! http://kck.st/1wLFkZ8

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