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Five Days to Go!

January 27, 2015 Leave a comment

The Kickstarter campaign for The Mirror’s Revenge ends on February 2nd – that’s just five days to go! We have over $3,500 in pledges, easily enough to cover all the production costs of the album and the reward gifts, including the world class, rock concert quality tee shirts which are poised for production. We are now collecting for the costs of hiring actors and a theater to workshop the play this summer with the goal of premiering it by the end of 2015. Very exciting stuff!

At this milestone, I would like to personally thank our most recent donors. The list of generous, wonderful people who have contributed is now 69 strong. In the last few days we have added:
David Raycroft
JC Arkham
Trish Brown
Morva Bowman
Sue Bailey
Thomas Dowrie
MaryAnne Glazer

I would also like to give special thanks to our most recent Premier Donors. These folks have lifted this project to new heights. We are tall for we stand on the shoulders of giants.
Craige Howlett
Marcia G
Ian Ward

Please continue to tell your friends. This is truly a dream come true for us, and it will be a truly great entertainment for all of you – and your chance to add to the Snow White canon!

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Snow White…The Mirrors Revenge

January 24, 2015 Leave a comment

Katstruck has posted a fabulous teaser write up on The Mirror’s Revenge on her WordPress blog. Check it out and the rest of her blog. Thank you Kat!



                           Jay Hartlove- Writer

So what’s the rest of Snow Whites story? We have all been dying to know, and Jay Hartlove has given us his answer in his screenplay continuing the classic Grimms fairy tale with his own brand of twists and turns. He has brought to life a musical in which the real villain in Snow Whites world is a revenge seeking mirror previously thought to have been on Snow Whites side. In the mirror is the trapped soul of a sorcerer bent on revenge against Snow White for the sins of her father.
Along with a great plotline this play will also be graced with the musical stylings of Kristoph Klover and Margaret Davis of the Celtic fusion band, Avalon Rising, as well as an original track done by Roman opera star Alexandra Montani. To learn more about Avalon Rising click here:


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Interview at Fanboy Planet

January 24, 2015 Leave a comment

Fanboy Planet interviewed me about Snow White – The Mirror’s Revenge. Listen to the podcast for behind the scenes stories and spoilers! Thank you Ric and Derek!

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Album is a Go! Onward to the Play!

January 23, 2015 Leave a comment

The Kickstarter will fund, and the album is a GO. We are now getting ready to hire session musicians, the tee shirt printer, and a portrait photographer. The campaign has 10 days left to continue collecting funds for the production of the play itself.

It brings me great joy to update our roster of generous supporters. We are now up to 58 backers, with $2,752 pledged. Thank you for making this dream come true.

Cynthia Adkins
Ron Harris
Nora Bourne King
Casey McSpadden
Harold Stein
Sandy Whitmore
Karen Willson
Agnes Gawne
Moya Drayson
Rebecca Newman
Bella Hartlove
Chris Lin
Lance Moore

A special thank you goes to our two newest Premier Donors. Hats off to these heroes!

Hal Eaton
Eric David Cannon

Please continue to tell your friends. We have 10 days left. The more we collect, the sooner we can stage the play.

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January 21, 2015 Leave a comment

Thanks to our 51 generous supporters, this Kickstarter had reached its minimum payout threshold of $2,500. That means we have the money to record the soundtrack album. Any additional money we collect between now and February 2nd will go toward work-shopping the play on stage and launching a premier. Thank you again for all your help. This is going to be great!

Please continue to tell your friends! The more money we raise the sooner we can open the show.

In other progress news, Jeslyn Cantrell has finished the album cover art, which will also be our t-shirt design and poster. Isn’t this gorgeous?

Snow White - Final (1)

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Mirror’s Revenge Kickstarter Reaches 2/3 Funded!

January 21, 2015 Leave a comment

The Kickstarter campaign has reached the two-thirds funded point! Including a generous anonymous donation, we are now only $700 away from reaching our critical threshold. We have 42 backers. Thank you to everyone who has pledged!
Let’s have a big round of applause for our latest backers:
Trish Henry
William Thomas
Rachel Holmen
Penelope Anne Bartotto
Karin Magary
Leslie Johnston
Shelley Monson
Donna Goldberg
Jamie Nikkel
Cara Maurizi
A very special thank you goes to your latest Premier Donors:
Alan Prince Winston
John O’Halloran
Please continue to tell your friends! This is going to be great!

Where’s My Utopia?

January 13, 2015 Leave a comment

Science fiction in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s would often portray a world where technological advances put hard work into the hands of machines and robots, freeing up human time to explore personal fulfillment. Some stories even postulated a renaissance of art and creativity.

When personal computers proliferated in the 1980s we saw a different result. Putting the tools for greater productivity in the hands of workers everywhere raised the expectation of how much work a person is supposed to accomplish in a day. The amount of work each worker produces each day, which had remained flat from 4000 BC until 1600 CE, started growing with the accumulation of durable infrastructure. You can do more if you can use buildings, roads, machines, and techniques that are already built. This growth sped up over time and got its biggest boost with PCs in the 80s. A graph of this growth shows the angle now nearly vertical.

Now we are actually building the robots dreamt of in science fiction. If PCs are any predictor of how robots will impact the lives of workers, they will just increase the amount of work each of us will be expected to produce. There seems to be no limit to how much productivity can be consumed. Industries that experience temporary overcapacity are besieged with investor flight and unemployment. Freeing up people’s time is perceived to be evil. The labor-saving utopia is doomed by a world with an insatiable appetite for consumption. Economics has killed the optimistic future vision.

Is this one reason why science fiction has turned so dark? Half-joking cries of “Where’s my flying car?” are met with practical considerations like air traffic. Nobody even asks, “Where’s my utopia?” anymore. The future is filled with technological wonders, yet the people live in hard working squalor. Sometimes this is blamed on an upper class that has bled the wealth out of the system. As often as not, there is no explanation for why things got worse, because that’s not what a particular story is about. There seems to be a consensus that for a future to be acceptable as likely, it has to suck.

Is it generational? More and more science fiction authors grew up with a PC on every desk, Mom and Dad both working, public schools in decline, rampant government corruption, and news that is almost entirely agenda commentary. Orwell wrote 1984 a long time ago, but it was a cautionary tale. I will leave it to historians and sociologists to nail down the timing, but we now have a whole generation of writers who have no reason to believe things will not just become more of the same.

It seems the field that has adopted the possibility of a brighter future is fantasy. Even in the darkest fantasies, bad guys are vanquished, curses are broken, and lives get better. There is a sense of things returning to a natural order of goodness, the way things were before the bad times. Alien invasions aside, there is no period before the bad times in science fiction. The march of progress built our walls of economic confinement one brick at a time. The only way back to a time of innocence is to kill most humans in an apocalypse. Yikes.

Thank goodness our superior technology has also made so much of the old, optimistic science fiction available. I know what my reading list looks like.

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