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Writer’s process and finishing Mermaid Steel

Chapter 16 is short and nasty, setting up a cliff hanger. Cue evil laughter. Only two chapters left to wrap up the whole adventure. I have them figured out down to a fine detail, so these will come pretty quickly.

Next will come the beta reading, comments, and editing. This step really shows my process. I make passes through the text, starting with sketchy bits and filling in with each pass to finished text. Once I see the story I had in mind to tell, I go back in the final passes to add continuity details like accents, patterns of speech, clothing, smells, and architecture that I did not make clear in the earlier rounds. Where to add these details often is not clear until the first complete draft is done. That’s the stage you see in these published chapters. So in the final print version, you can expect to see a lot more richness of environment and personal details – the stuff that helps you feel like you’re really there.

I am still building a beta posse. So if you would like to critique a complete copy, please let me know. No committee of more than six people ever made a decision, so I will cut off the list at six.

I originally set a personal deadline of having the first draft done by this weekend so I could crow about it at Convolution in Burlingame, California. After decades of making competition costumes for conventions, I should know better than set a con as a deadline. Costumers will understand.

I hope you enjoy Chapter 16.

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