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Isis Rising is underway!

I am happy to report I have begun writing in earnest the first draft of Isis Rising. It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been revisiting the outline and reconsidering my approach all through the long three months of job searching and other disasters. It really was the winter of our discontent. I am back at work, both the pay job and the writing job. I have decided I short-changed my characters to focus on the delicately convoluted plot of Daughter Cell, and that was a mistake. Everyone has said how much they love the plot, but some new readers (folks who have not read The Chosen) were left cold by Sanantha. My fault. Not this time. This story returns to the globe trotting, multiple storyline rush of The Chosen, and I am going to take however long it takes to get you inside everyone’s head. It’s going to be a wild ride!

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