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Dianne Bylo has posted a Five-Star review of The Chosen

Dianne Bylo of Tome Tender has posted a five-star review of The Chosen on Amazon. Check it out!

Talk about coloring outside the genre lines! The Chosen by Jay Hartlove has probably got your favorite genre covered with a pinch of “almost romance,” suspense, mysticism, the paranormal , time travel, Voodoo, spirituality, and an ancient Egyptian rivalry between two powerful magicians, one who sided with Moses and the Exodus. Expect the unexpected and good luck trying to figure out who is really the good, the bad or the ugly. How does it all tie into the launching of a nuclear warhead, the mental stability of an import/export dealer, the ritualistic torture and killing of a modern day museum security man in search of information and the ancient god of lies and trickery? Are these monsters deities, demons or perhaps angels? If anyone comes out alive, they will be forever changed.

For me, The Chosen started out intriguingly mild, but I KNEW there had to be more layers and with each detail, I was proven right as I was taken through time, realms and countries in this well-delivered adventure! Jay Hartlove can weave a tale that is difficult to put down as more mayhem is uncovered in this well researched, well delivered “out-of-the box” thriller!

A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for my honest review, and I honestly loved it!

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