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Upcoming appearances

I will be appearing on four panels at BayCon in Santa Clara, CA over Memorial Day weekend.

Saturday at 4pm I will be part of a themed reading of urban fantasies with Leslie E.H. White, Colin Fisk, Jon DeCles, and Irene Radford.

Sunday at 9am I will be moderating “Boo! Ack! Eww!” or “Three Ways Horror Pushes You Out of Your Comfort Zone.”

Sunday at 7PM I will be part of a themed reading of horror with J Malcolm Stewart, Emerian Rich, and Laurel Anne Hill.

And Monday at 11 AM I will be part of a discussion of “What Scares Us Now?” with Jenna M. Pittman, Paul Carlson, and Leslie Ann Moore.

This should be a fabulous show. Come on down!

I will also be hosting a fund raising reading/signing with fellow local Science Fiction writer Harald Hansen on Saturday, June 1st from 4 to 6 pm at the Cup O’ Jo Coffee House in downtown Clayton. Wine and cheese will be catered in along with the usual coffee and tea. Net proceeds will go to the Clayton Valley Charter High School. A literary afternoon for a good cause!

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