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Request for help

Amazon changes its policies almost as often as Facebook, and unfortunately authors rely on Amazon’s presentation of their work. In the last few months Amazon has eliminated the topic “tags” that used to allow for genre and subject searches…. They also eliminated the “like” vote button. Now they have stopped allowing reviews to be posted by anyone except folks who bought the book from Amazon. So if you bought The Chosen from another book seller, you can’t post a review on Amazon even if you wanted to.

On the other hand, they have not changed (yet) their policy for folks finding reviews “helpful.” You must have an Amazon account (bought anything from them online ever), but you do not need to buy a particular book from Amazon in order to mark an already-posted review as “helpful.” Amazon directs browsing shoppers to books that have traffic – any traffic – not only lots of reviews, but also “useful” flags for reviews.

So I am asking you, the fans, to help me out. Please go to The Chosen’s page on Amazon, scroll down to the reviews, and flag any and all that you agree with as “useful.” You will need to sign in with your Amazon log in for it to take. But the Amazon site will not require you to have purchased the book from them for your vote to count.

Now that they have removed topic “tags” and “likes” and and made it harder for folks to post reviews, please help steer traffic to my book by flagging the reviews I do have as “useful.”

Thank you for your continued support.


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